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The Society Cafe

I'm fairly new to the idea of working in cafes and coffee shops. And by working, I don't mean being the barista, I mean working on this blog, or editing photos or replying to emails etc. I never really understood it before, plus I always seem to be distracted by the cake.

But I've been giving it a go since New Year, as part of a new year's resolution to be happy and enjoy myself and my own company. Particularly to enjoy what I'm really saying in my head and my, sometimes, weird and wonderful thought process. And so far, so good!

I recently visited the Society Cafe in Kingsmead Square, Bath. It was a weekday daytime, so there was a different vibe than the usual evenings or weekends in which I would normally visit. More of a productive feeling from fellow laptop-ers or casual meeting go-ers, and definitely a feeling that was contagious.

Inspired by the Society Cafe's magazines and books lying around, I have curated a small and simple list of possible places I want to travel to in the coming year. Including Iceland, Naples, Amsterdam and Barcelona (and skiing somewhere in Europe, destination not yet decided). I don't think there's too many on the list. I'm still young, I can still explore while I've got the ability and ambition.

I haven't been to many places in the past couple of years and feel almost trapped in everyday life. I've got a list as long as my arm of places I want to go, but being realistic with the budget means I'll happily settle to a few. Biggest and most exciting is, duh duh duhhh... Shanghai.

One of my bestest of best friends is currently out there working for the year, so how could I turn down the opportunity?! I haven't booked the flights yet, but when I do, I'm sure it's going to seem absolutely surreal.

Any tips or recommendations for any of the destinations are greatly accepted.

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