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The Bear, Bath

Okay, so I live very local to Bath (about a 20 minute drive in) but I still class myself as a newbie. Even after 18 months in Frome. I still haven't explored the important, vital tourist destinations of the city, i.e. The Royal Crescent, The Roman Baths, inside Bath Abbey. Appalling, I know. It's on my urgent to-do list. But I have been to Thermae Bath Spa (twice!)

ANYWAY, I have recently been to and stayed at The Bear. I have to admit, I have walked past/driven past the place many times and always thought, 'Oh their food smells amazing, shall we go in there next time?' But always forgot to go back. And I also have to admit, I didn't book this hotel. My best friend/road trip partner did. But boy am I happy that she did!

We were greeted with such a lovely, quirky room. So clean, so spacious and modern, yet not. A clothing hanging rail made from scaffolding poles and planks of wood, opposite a vintage chest of drawers. Clean white walls and old wooden floor boards. A really nice interior for a home, let alone a hotel/b&b.

I always like the small details and a variety of tea bags (so happy about the Peppermint!) in reused jars with the embossed labels is definitely my kind of vibe. Also, let's not forget the ground coffee in the room's own cafetiere, fab fab fab.

Added bonus, there was breakfast included in the morning. Boy oh boy, I can promise you that I'll be back just for the breakfast. I was incredible. I have an unhealthy love for food in general (I'm always hungry) but I always get excited for a proper breakfast. Smoked bacon on pancakes with maple syrup and smoked salmon on toasted muffins with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, my two favourites. Accompanied with almond milk coffees and fresh orange juice. Yum yum yum.

Like I said, I'll be back. And if you're there anytime soon, choose the pancakes.

(But here's a photo of the salmon)

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