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The Secret Salon, Frome

The Secret Salon, Frome

I was in desperate need to dye my hair, I had horrendous roots from a balayage I had done maybe 6 to 8 months ago. I thought it wasn't looking too bad until I started to see photos of the back of my head. (Note to self, don't leave it so long to get your hair refreshed again)

I was looking for a local, independent hairdressers since my other local and loyal venue sadly put their prices up. BUT I had received many recommendations from friends to go to The Secret Salon in Frome, and after a look through their social media, it was decided.

The Secret Salon, Frome

After the usual greetings, I sat in such a good spot right by the window. It made my roots look even worse in the light. I almost felt embarrassed by my hair's condition but thankfully I had a lovely colourist and stylist, Katherine, to help me out. (Very happy they also make Oat Milk Flat Whites - FYI to my plant based pals)

The decor is minimal yet comforting almost, with the warm brown coloured leather chairs, hanging plants, and warm industrial style lighting. The original window is still there, overlooking the church across the road, and also creates a beautiful geometric grid shadow on the wall when the sun is shining.

It was such a friendly and inviting experience going to this hairdressers. I felt very comfortable, something that sometimes can be hard when meeting a new hairdresser. I mean you have to trust this new person with your new hair outcome. The hair that defines you style and look and personality.

I only went for a balayage refresh, but I am so happy with the outcome. After a couple of years of trying to go darker to seem to look older and more sophisticated, I just wanted my hair to be brighter and more 'me', especially for the warmer weather coming soon (how cliche). I'm back to blonde(r) and feeling a lot better about myself.

Thank you Katherine and thank you The Secret Salon, I'll be back a lot sooner than 6-8 months.

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