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Studying is the start of many people’s poor financial situations, whether that is in college or university. The priority to shift all aspects of your finances to be fully emerged within your chosen course(s) can be the breaking point for many students. It’s how you get out of your difficult situation that really helps you learn from your mistakes. Wouldn’t a blog be helpful for this process? And to stay on track for the future? Or possibly even save enough for a mortgage?

Well The Penny Pal can do just that. After starting the instagram account back in November 2018, The Penny Pal has helped hundreds of followers with spending plans, saving and investment knowledge, and also how to find the root to your money issues, whether you are a student or not.

After initially writing a blog about baking a couple of years ago, Sade behind The Penny Pal (let’s keep it short with TPP from here on), found keeping up with the posts regularly was too time consuming with her new full time role and so the blog died out.

After finding herself in a bit of a poor financial situation whilst studying, Sade was forced to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of personal finance for her own gain. She had always been interested in money management and budgeting, and so after learning how to be more aware of her accounts, wanted to start sharing her knowledge with others to make a positive difference.

Although TPP is advising people to spend more wisely, Sade wouldn’t call herself an influencer but would rather create a community. Being quite a shy person, she found Instagram was the easiest way to build a community and challenge the traditional way of learning which she finds to be an exciting concept. TPP’s following is currently predominately female, although the growing community is open to anyone looking for simpler hints and tips for everyday spending, with the ‘ideal client’, shall we say, being someone who is ambitious, loves to learn and wants to be in control of their future.

Let’s all make a pact to speak about personal finances more. There’s no shame and why learn in the most boring context? Let’s make it transparent, and with the help of TPP, finances can be quick, fun and easy to learn. Yes okay, all the information you need is already fully accessible, I understand. But do you actually understand that information when ‘de-coding’ it to fit into your own lifestyle? By TPP formatting it aesthetically pleasing, information is a lot more readily accessible for the average person.

Some followers have already started talking openly, with TPP receiving emails letting them know how much the page is helping them, which has helped Sade realise the blog is more than just a short term hobby, but more of a long term investment. Future plans of the blog include having contributors collaboratively write posts, so followers can get a more diverse range of opinion and perspective.

By originally being an exclusive Instagram based account, Sade found a lot of other accounts and blogs that inspired her, including @iamnatalie and @frugal_me_free. @iamnatalie is a self-made entrepreneur who hosts multiple webinars every month on how to build a business, while finance page @frugal_me_free posts her daily and weekly struggles she has with her money management. It gives the confidence for others to be honest with the open diary of the average person figuring out their money struggles.

Create a spending plan.

That’s the final note from Sade and The Penny Pal, and I personally cannot recommend this enough either. It is crazy when you realise how much you are overspending every month or how much you spend on miscellaneous items.

Sade’s daily hints and tips can be found on her Instagram account @ThePennyPal as well as her newly launched website, www.thepennypal.com

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